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Homemade LED Light Masks: What they Are and How they Work

Beauty gadgets at home are already in fashion now more than ever! The pandemic has made us take care of ourselves much more, and ‘gadgets’ occupy an essential place in beauty care. You can incorporate homemade LED light masks and therapies into your routine. Look for the best handheld led light therapy device to help you accomplish this.

What are Homemade LED Light Masks?

They are face and neck masks withLED facial therapy an ergonomic design that emit visible LED lights and have multiple functions. What they do is emit light of the visible spectrum of different colors. Each color is associated with a specific wavelength that will determine the depth to which the light reaches and its effect on the skin. It does not produce heat or pain since they have a very safe technology.

  1. Red light- anti-aging: It stimulates the production of collagen. It is a powerful repair of tissues. It works by removing collagenase, the enzyme that breaks down collagen and accelerates aging. Effective on open joints and healing.
  2. Blue light- anti-acne: It acts on a superficial level (epidermis). It is anti-inflammatory. Eliminates acne bacteria and reduces sebum secretion. It has a calming and antiseptic effect.
  3. Green light- anti spots: Inhibits the production of excess melanin. Helps calm the nervous system, fight stress, nervousness, and insomnia.
  4. Yellow light-anti-edematous: Anti-inflammatory action, increases blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic and nervous system, improves skin texture.
  5. White light- facial toning: penetrates deeper layers of the skin. Improves flaccidity.
  6. Violet light – anti-redness: It is a combination of red and blue light. Reduces redness and free radicals and increases collagen production. It is indicated to treat rosacea, redness and has a detox effect.
  7. Orange light- luminosity: Stimulates dull, dry, and dull skin. Amber light is also effective for rosacea. It improves the problems of facial capillaries. It is combined with the red one for anti-aging in general.

Do Homemade LED Light Masks Really Work?

It depends on theLED light therapy type of device, how they are used and what they are used for. If used well, after diagnosing the skin’s condition, they can work, but you have to manage your expectations well. You are not going to get the same results as in the clinic. On the other hand, it is not the same to use a device that massages the skin as one to depilate that emits a type of light that can produce side effects such as burns.

Specifically, LED Light is painless and does not usually have side effects, it does not emit ultraviolet radiation and can achieve an improvement in appearance and more luminosity in healthy and well-balanced skin, but to treat, in-depth, pathologies such as acne or blemishes there are to go, previously, to a doctor.

male cream

Precautions to Observe Before Using a Penis Enlargement Cream

As a man, having a small manhood is one of the things that can kill your self-confidence. This is because of the perception that having a bigger one equates to good performance in bed. Some of the causes of a micropenis could be hormonal or genetic. You don’t have to worry because this can be fixed in several ways. Using a penis enlargement cream is one of them. You can use products like Xtrasize, which contain ingredients that help enhance your size.

One common element in thesemale enhancement cream products include plant-based elements containing enzymes that help the gel pass through your skin. They also contain flavonoids, which are natural elements found in plants known to improve mood and sexual arousal. L-Arginine is another ingredient in most penis enlargement creams. It acts as a brain chemical that boosts your sexual desire. Choosing the right mal enhancement cream is essential for the best results.

You can seek medical advice from different experts who will help you understand which creams are the best for your body. Natural products are obviously the best because they pose minimal threats or side effects. Not all penis enlargement creams you will come across in the market are the best. You also need to observe a couple of precautions before using these products. Here are common precautions to observe.

Understand the Side Effects

You should know the chances of experiencing any side effects before using a penis enlargement cream are much higher. Familiarize yourself with the after effects linked to these products. This will help you understand whether they are ideal for your body or not. The available ingredients in a specific penis enlargement cream can help you know the side affects you are likely to face.

Seek Medical Advice

You should also consult a medic who will advise you if it’s right to use a specific penis enlargement cream. They are familiar with these products and different ingredients in them. Medics will examine your body before advising if they are right for use. Look for highly experienced medical experts who will offer the necessary advice.

Follow Application Prescription

Penis enlargement creams should be used as prescribed by a medical expert or the manufacturers. This will help you get accurate results. It is a product you are mostly required to apply by yourself at home. Follow the right application prescription to avoid subjecting yourself to different after effects and get the best results.


Eat Fresh, Eat Healthy

We put a lot of packaged foods in our carts in supermarkets. They have words like nutritional’, healthy’ and fresh’ labeled on their packets. But are they? We become oblivious to the fact that they are not fresh and buy them because it is convenient. Today, most people are always in a hurry and lead busy lives. They do not have much time to cook. Hence, they go for processed and packaged food rather than meals cooked with fresh ingredients. Eating fresh food is a necessity to stay healthy. The benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables are far more than consuming them in the form of canned juices. To have a balanced diet, you must incorporate fresh vegetables, fruits and other fresh ingredients of high nutritional value in your diet. Eating fresh food is an important part of a healthy diet. The health benefits of fresh food are manifold.

Some of them can be summed as

Nutritional value

bread and cakeThe locally grown vegetables and fruits are higher in nutritional value than those that are picked and made to sit for some time. Not that they are less nutritious, but over the time, the nutritional value starts diminishing because of various factors like exposure to air, temperature changes, artificial lights, etc. When the vegetables are picked, the vitamins in them start to deteriorate. The longer the food is made to sit, the more it loses its nutrients. They still provide you a lot of nutrients, but it is very less compared to the freshly picked vegetables. The produce loses its nutritional value over time. Hence they must be consumed as quick as they can.

Boosts the immune system

To keep the immune system functioning efficiency, we need all kinds of nutrients in our food. Deficiency in any nutrient may impair the immune system. Frozen food are deficient in nutrients because freezing decreases the vitamins and minerals in the food. Therefore, we need to eat fresh food to avoid the deficiency of nutrients. When we eat fresh food, the nutritional value is not lost, and these nutrients help in regulating our vascular functions, thus boosting up the immune system.


Doctors and nutritionists advise us to drink sufficient amount of water per day to keep ourselves hydrated. Eating fresh food and vegetables is beneficial because they keep us hydrated. Fresh stock of fruits and vegetables have a high water content which is enough to keep you hydrated for a long time.

Protection from chemicals and preservatives

man holding grapeThe canned, frozen and packaged food are enriched with preservatives and chemicals to increase their shelf life. Many artificial flavors and sugars are added to them and consuming them can create problems with the digestive system because the digestive system cannot digest the unknown chemicals easily. Most frozen foods have gluten added in them to increase the shelf life, which is harmful as it sticks to our intestine and decreases the rate of absorption of nutrients in our body. Therefore, we must avoid these foods and go for fresh food only. We must always give preference to nutrition before convenience. Having fresh foods can make up for the low amount of water, enzymes, and nutrients in our body. Therefore, we must include more and more fresh foods in our diet and minimize the consumption of packaged food.

man holding grape

Balanced Diet For A Healthy Life

It is rightly said that health is wealth. To achieve a healthy lifestyle, one needs to eat right. Eating right is one of the smartest decisions one can ever make because there are a plethora of benefits you can get from it. Having a balanced and adequate diet is the first and the most important step to keep yourself healthy. Not only does it keep you healthy but also reduces your future health expenditures. Committing to a healthy diet can be challenging, but once you do it, you stride towards a happy life.
There are numerous benefits of a healthy diet. Some of them can enumerate as:


Maintenance as well as loss of weight

saladWeight control or loss is one of the common reasons why people opt for dieting. A balanced diet helps you to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight by providing you with the proteins that your body require. You intake these proteins in the form of grains, vegetables, and fruits. These proteins replace the fatty and high-calorie food and keep you satiated for a longer time than foods with high sugar and fats. Being full for a longer time keeps your calorie range fixed and you do not exceed it, thus keeping your weight control.

Immune system

To keep the functioning of your immune system efficient, you must start having a healthy diet, full of all possible nutrients. Deficiencies in any nutrient like vitamins and minerals can weaken the immune system. The immune system depends on the blood flow. A balanced diet regulates the vascular functions, thus affecting the blood flow and the immune system. The nutrients in the balanced diet are important for the germ-fighting cells in the body to keep functioning. Having a balanced diet can help you maintain a strong immune system and keep your body safe from diseases.

Heart health

A balanced diet is one of the ways to reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Consuming high-fat food can cause an increase in your cholesterol level, thus building up plaque in your arteries. This eventually leads to heart attacks. Weight and blood pressure are two major causes of heart problems. Both of them can be regulated by having a diet full of vitamins, fiber, and fewer calories.


serving healthy foodTo increase your productivity, you need to have the right proportions of all the nutrients in your diet. Having a balanced meal gives you sufficient energy to keep you active for the whole day. Healthy carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, and grains take the time to digest and keep your blood sugar and insulin levels proper to supply you with energy whenever required. Proteins in meat, fish, and eggs are also energy suppliers.


A healthy diet not only improves health but also enhances your mood by reducing stress. Omega 3 fatty acids and black tea help in reducing cortisol, a stress hormone and help you recover from a stressful event faster. Vitamin C and minerals such as magnesium found in nuts also help in reducing stress. Eating a protein-rich diet also helps in maintaining a low cortisol level.