LED light therapy

Homemade LED Light Masks: What they Are and How they Work

Beauty gadgets at home are already in fashion now more than ever! The pandemic has made us take care of ourselves much more, and ‘gadgets’ occupy an essential place in beauty care. You can incorporate homemade LED light masks and therapies into your routine. Look for the best handheld led light therapy device to help you accomplish this.

What are Homemade LED Light Masks?

They are face and neck masks withLED facial therapy an ergonomic design that emit visible LED lights and have multiple functions. What they do is emit light of the visible spectrum of different colors. Each color is associated with a specific wavelength that will determine the depth to which the light reaches and its effect on the skin. It does not produce heat or pain since they have a very safe technology.

  1. Red light- anti-aging: It stimulates the production of collagen. It is a powerful repair of tissues. It works by removing collagenase, the enzyme that breaks down collagen and accelerates aging. Effective on open joints and healing.
  2. Blue light- anti-acne: It acts on a superficial level (epidermis). It is anti-inflammatory. Eliminates acne bacteria and reduces sebum secretion. It has a calming and antiseptic effect.
  3. Green light- anti spots: Inhibits the production of excess melanin. Helps calm the nervous system, fight stress, nervousness, and insomnia.
  4. Yellow light-anti-edematous: Anti-inflammatory action, increases blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic and nervous system, improves skin texture.
  5. White light- facial toning: penetrates deeper layers of the skin. Improves flaccidity.
  6. Violet light – anti-redness: It is a combination of red and blue light. Reduces redness and free radicals and increases collagen production. It is indicated to treat rosacea, redness and has a detox effect.
  7. Orange light- luminosity: Stimulates dull, dry, and dull skin. Amber light is also effective for rosacea. It improves the problems of facial capillaries. It is combined with the red one for anti-aging in general.

Do Homemade LED Light Masks Really Work?

It depends on theLED light therapy type of device, how they are used and what they are used for. If used well, after diagnosing the skin’s condition, they can work, but you have to manage your expectations well. You are not going to get the same results as in the clinic. On the other hand, it is not the same to use a device that massages the skin as one to depilate that emits a type of light that can produce side effects such as burns.

Specifically, LED Light is painless and does not usually have side effects, it does not emit ultraviolet radiation and can achieve an improvement in appearance and more luminosity in healthy and well-balanced skin, but to treat, in-depth, pathologies such as acne or blemishes there are to go, previously, to a doctor.