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Various Ways to Stop Snoring

Snoring can disrupt your sleep patterns, and for your partner due to the irritating sounds. According to an expert, snoring can go as far as forcing spouses to sleep in separate rooms or even to separate. Snoring causes disruption in your upper airway and causes the diaphragm and chest muscle to overwork to pull air into your lungs. This condition can develop uneven heart rhythm due to a shortage of oxygen in your body organs.

One of the most recommended methods to stop snoring is using a snoring mouthpiece because it is safe and effective. It is made with materials that are comfortable to sleep in. The following are other ways to stop snoring to make you and your partner sleep better.

Stay Hydrated During the Day

stay hydratedDrinking water is always healthy for every, but is even more advisable  for people who snore. Dehydration causes an increase in mucus in your nose, which may cause snoring or increase it if you are a snorer.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

minimize alcoholAlcohol relaxes the body organs, including the mouth and throat muscles. Snoring occurs when the muscle in the throat and tongue relax. This causes the tongue to move to the back of the mouth and blocks the airways and cause strenuous breathing which produces the vibrations and snoring sound.

Catch Enough Sleep

Medical experts recommend at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. When too tired or have not had enough sleep in the preceding days, your tongue and throat will likely relax and cause snoring. If you find it hard to find sleep immediately when you jump into bed, experts advise you to do some relaxing exercises like taking a swim in the day or workout early in the day. Some advice you take a shower a few hours before bed to relax your body to prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Check Your Sleeping Position

sleep on sideThe most common sleeping position known to cause snoring is sleeping on your back. If you are a snorer, the best position to sleep not to block your airways is on your side. If you have trouble or find that you drifted to sleep and slept on your back, you can invest in a body pillow to maintain a side sleeping position.

Try Facial Steaming Before Bed

Facial steam bowls are known to work wonders through opening clogged nostrils before bed. Fill a bowl with hot water, then cover face over the bowl with a towel for several minutes. This works wells for everyone, especially if you have a stuffy nose caused by flu or allergies. A warm shower before bed can also do if you are not a steam fan.